Thursday, 26 January 2012


Grade six graduation with my mates.
Will, Andrew, Cam, Sam, Alex, Henry, Shakia, Brett, Chris, Me

BMX Racing

BMX Racing 2010

Model Plane

I made this plane out of soft drink cans.


In this photo it shows where earth has changed through out the years.
As you can see the lines show where each change has occurred.

Coin Ring

I made these coins out of a 20 cent piece, it takes about 4 hours to make one ring. You hit the top of the coin to stretch the metal. Then you drill a hole in the centre using a small drill bit you then go up in size with your drill bits. Then you file the inner edges until your happy with the size. Then polish with fine emery and a soft polishing cloth. You can see how this is made on you tube at the following address.

Fluro Bear

I helped my mum make this fluro yellow bear.

School project

This is a school project that I did in 2011.
It is a light that is ran by batteries.